Our Executives

Mr. James Appiah-Berko

Mr. Prince Hagan
Vice President

Mr. William E. Turkson

Executive Secretary


The Ghana Printers and Paper Converters Association was established on 11th March, 1980 and was registered under the Companies Code 1963 (Act 179). The Association is the official mouth of Ghana Printing Industries using paper and paper products as their basic raw materials.


GPPCA is committed to helping the printing industry grow and develop to the benefit of both the individual and the industry. Specifically,

  • Organize all Printers, Paper Converters and Allied Service Companies for the express purpose of promoting the special interests of the printing and its allied industry.
  • Help improve upon the standards of the printing and paper converting in Ghana.
  • Seek on behalf of member companies, internal and external trade relations.
  • Get the industry involved in the export drive consistent with the objective of the Ghana Government.


Human Values: Upholding human dignity, respect and understanding, and ensuring equal opportunity and fairness in all dealings in order to build a climate of trust and unity.

People Development: Providing the opportunity for all members to grow and develop, to the benefit of both individual and the industry.

Communication: Maintain open, honest, respectful and timeous two-way communication (between the association and members) and the sharing of information.

Health and Safety: Providing a healthy, safe and secure operating environment for all members and customers.

Empowerment: Developing an environment in which all stakeholders are empowered through involvement decision making and accountability for decisions that affect them.

Recognition and Reward: Recognizing and rewarding continuous improvement that enhances performance in the achievement of our mutually agreed goals.

Membership - GPPCA's Strength: Membership is open to all companies registered in Ghana that are engaged in one form or the other in the printing and paper converting industry. The association has an active membership of about 152, made up of Large-Scale, Medium and Small Scale printing and allied industries. The Association seeks to increase its membership.


  • GPPCA offers the following services to its members:

  • Advocacy and lobbying role in the government establishments for favorable policies.

  • Seeking business opportunities.

  • Organizing training facilities, seminars, workshops and breakfast meetings.

  • Information dissemination.

  • Arrange for members to attend overseas printing exhibition and trade fairs.

  • Arrangement for bulk importation or raw materials and sell at affordable price to members.


  • GPPCA prepares and presents memorandum and policy papers on matters affecting the industry to the government, policy makers and interest groups, for consideration.

  • GPPCA is in contact link with the government, opinion leaders and business community to articulate members concerns for a better economic environment.

  • GPPCA organizes workshops, seminars and breakfast meeting to update the business and managerial competence of its members.